Pentland Firth Howl

Chris’s new album, Pentland Firth Howl, will be released by Busted Flat Records on May 26, 2009. A very limited edition vinyl pressing will be released at the same time, on Adenda Records.

Pentland Firth Howl (cover)

Chris says, “Pentland Firth Howl is a song cycle about my native Scotland and has 10 tracks. It was produced by my friend Zak Boerger, who also plays guitar on it along with me.”

  1. The Fidra Birda
  2. The Felled Wych Elm
  3. Aberlour, Aberlour
  4. An Accident in Scottish Wilderness
  5. Going to Goat Fell
  6. Goodbye, Waveland
  7. Half in Light Arisaig Eyes
  8. It Has Not Brought Me Peace
  9. Wide Eyed & amp; Legless
  10. Ailsa Craig