“Absolute” [LP] (available on cd)

Album Cover

CD: Parade Amoureuse, under license from Cathexis Recordings (CONCATH02/CD) 1989

  1. Princess Tinymeat “Lucky Bag”
  2. Fini Tribe “All Fours”
  3. 93 Current 93 “Holy Holy Holy” (for Dusa)
  4. Princess Tinymeat “Jay Gone Bimbo”
  5. In the Nursery “Workcorps” (Fist Style)
  6. Revolting Cocks “T.V. Mind” (It’s in My Brain Version)
  7. Pink Industry “The Corpse” (remix)
  8. Soviet France “Le Mur Mur Nu”
  9. Hula “Bribery and Winning Ways”
  10. Shockheaded Peters “Thumbs of a Murderer”
  11. Click Click “QAF/Harpy”
  12. Dave Howard Singers “I am a Bunny”
  13. Click Click “Keep Out of Sight”
  14. Jackhammer Five “She Said”

note – Connelly does vocals on tracks 2 and 6.

“Pure Devotion” [LP] (available on CD only?)

CD: Devotion Records (CDDVN 17) 1992

  1. Revolting Cocks “Beers, Steers & Queers
  2. 1000 Homo DJ’s “Supernaut”
  3. Acid Horse “No Name, No Slogan” (Acid Horse)
  4. Murder Inc. “Murder Inc.” (Atkins/Bechdel/Connelly/Ferguson/Raven/Walker)
  5. Hyperhead “Teenage Mind”
  6. Chris Connelly “July” (Connelly/Atkins/Zechman/Bruce)
  7. Lead Into Gold “Faster Than Light”
  8. PTP “Rubber Glove Seduction” (PTP)
  9. Malhavoc “Re-Release”
  10. Excessive Force “Conquer Your House”
  11. Crowforce “White King”
  12. Skrew “Sympathy for the Devil”
  13. Bomb Everything “Hoeda, Hoeda”
  14. Pigface “Ten Ground and Down” (Atkins/Connelly/Esch/Rankine/Ruchoft)

note – Connelly does vocals on tracks 3, 4, 6, 8 and shared vocals on track 14.

“Touch and Go Records Sampler Fall 1992” [LP] (promo) (available on CS only?)

CS: Touch and Go Records 1992

  1. The Jesus Lizard “Puss”
  2. Laughing Hyenas “Crawl”
  3. Didjits “Dirt County Road”
  4. Tar “Teetering”
  5. Arcwelder “Raleigh”
  6. Big Black “Cables”
  7. Negative Approach “Dead Stop”
  8. Bad Livers “Better Times”
  9. Mule “I’m Hell”
  1. Superchunk “Mower”
  2. Pigface “Ten Ground and Down” (Atkins/Connelly/Esch/Rankine/Ruchoft)
  3. Lab Report “Figure X-71”
  4. Bizarr Sex Trio “Careless Use of Knives”
  5. Royal Trux “Sometimes”

note – Connelly does shared vocals on side 2, track 2. Originally appears on the Pigface album “Fook”.

“Can You See it Yet?” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Invisible Records (023CD) 1993

  1. Murder Inc. “Murder Inc.” (Atkins/Bechdel/Connelly/Ferguson/Raven/Walker)
  2. Sugarsmack “Pissed Off”
  3. Pigface “Suck”
  4. Transmisia “Dumbshow”
  5. Evil Mothers “Teen Strap Party”
  6. Lunar Bear Ensemble “AlieNation”
  7. Dogzilla “You Saved Me”
  8. Voodoo Death Beat “Dance, ‘Til You Die”
  9. Sliang Laos “Alabamaego”
  10. Love Interest “Bedazzled” (Dudley Moore)
  11. Leather Studded Diaphragm “Chocodaemon Parts I and II”
  12. Brian Brain “Black Man / White World”
  13. Sharkbait “Pissed”
  14. Oxygene 23 “Sacrifice”
  15. Bizarr Sex Trio “Thin Blue Line”
  16. Lab Report “Piece 27”

note – Connelly does vocals on tracks 1 and 10.

“Welcome to Our Nightmare” [double LP] (available on CD only?)

Album Cover

2CD: Triple X Records (51109-2) 1993

  1. Reflected
  2. Levity Ball
  3. Refrigerator Heaven
  4. Lay Down and Die, Goodbye
  5. Caught in a Dream
  6. Black Juju
  7. Second Coming / Ballad of Dwight Frye
  8. Sun Arise
  9. Under My Wheels
  10. Halo of Flies
  11. Desperado (Cooper/Bruce)
  1. Dead Babies/Killer
  2. School’s Out
  3. Generation Landslide
  4. Working Up a Sweat
  5. Teenage Lament
  6. Welcome to My Nightmare
  7. Cold Ethyl
  8. Only Women Bleed
  9. Serious
  10. Clones
  11. Pain
  12. Poison

note – the Chris Connelly Band (Chris Connelly, Chris Bruce, William Tucker, Martin Atkins, Andy McGuire) perform disc 1, track 11 live somewhere in Texas on the ’92 tour.

“Afterburn: WaxTrax! Records ’94 and Beyond” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: WaxTrax!/TVT Records (TVT 7228-2) 1994

  1. Underworld “Dirty Epic”
  2. Psykosonik “Unlearn”
  3. Die Warzau “All Good Girls” (joyous remix)
  4. Chris Connelly “Candyman Collapse” (radio version) (Connelly/Tucker)
  5. Sister Machine Gun “Nothing” (mutilato mix)
  6. KMFDM “Trust” (never mix)
  7. KMFDM vs. Pig “Secret Skin”
  8. Kenny Larkin “Wires”
  9. Richard H. Kirk “Come”
  10. B-12 “Scriptures”
  11. Mark Franklin “Release to the System”

note – track 4 original version available on Connelly’s third solo album “Shipwreck”.

“Black Box: Wax Trax Records’ First 13 Years” [triple LP] (available on CD only)

Album Cover

3CD: WaxTrax!/TVT Records (TVT 7212-2) [limited edition metal box] 1994
3CD: WaxTrax!/TVT Records (TVT 7227) 1994

  1. 1000 Homo Dj’s “Supernaut” (Trent Reznor Vocal Version)
  2. Revolting Cocks “No Devotion”
  3. Revolting Cocks “Beers, Steers And Queers” (12″ Version)
  4. Sister Machine Gun “Addiction”
  5. Excessive Force “Violent Peace”
  6. The Young Gods “Envoye” (12″ Version)
  7. Pailhead “I Will Refuse” (12″ Version)
  8. Lead Into Gold “Faster Than Light”
  9. Front Line Assembley “Digital Tension Dimentia”
  10. Mussolini Headkick “Your God Is Dead”
  11. Greater Than One “Now Is The Time”
  12. Pig “Shit For Brains”
  13. Hope & Kirk “Cop Out”
  14. Wreck “Atomic Dog”
  15. Strike Under “Elephant’s Ground”
  1. Chris Connelly “Stowaway” (Connelly/Zechman/Villines)
  2. Chris Connelly “Come Down Here” (Connelly/Bruce)
  3. Coil “Love’s Secret Domain”
  4. Coil “The Snow” (Answers Come In Dreams II Version)
  5. Clock DVA “The Hacker”
  6. KMFDM “Virus” (12′ Version)
  7. KMFDM “Godlike” (12′ Version)
  8. Ministry “Every Day (Is Halloween)” (Original 12″ Version)
  9. A Split Second “Rigor Mortis”
  10. Foetus “Butterfly Potion” (12″ Version)
  11. Doubting Thomas “Father Don’t Cry”
  12. Cyberaktif “Nothing Stays”
  13. Controlled Bleeding “Words (Of The Dying)”
  14. In The Nursery “Compulsion”
  1. PTP “Rubber Glove Seduction” (12″ Version) (Jourgensen/Barker/Connelly)
  2. Acid Horse “No Name, No Slogan” (12″ Version) (Jourgensen/Barker/Connelly/Rieflin/Malinder/Kirk)
  3. KLF “What Time Is Love?” (12″ Version)
  4. Psykosonik “Silicon Jesus” (Duality Mix)
  5. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult “Cuz It’s Hot” (12″ Version)
  6. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult “Do You Fear (For Your Child)”
  7. Laibach “Geburt Einer Nation”
  8. Meat Beat Manifesto “God O.D.”
  9. Fred “Mindblower”
  10. Psychic TV “I.C. Water”
  11. Pankow “Me And My Ding Dong”
  12. Divine “The Name Game” (7″ Version)

note – Connelly does vocals on disc 2, tracks 1 and 2 and disc 3, tracks 1 and 2.

The US limited edition triple-cd boxed set for “Black Box Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years.” is limited and numbered to 10,000 copies. The entire set comes packaged in a 15cm/13.2cm/5.3cm gauge steel box (electroplated in zinc), with a black nylon mesh wrapped around it (tied off at both ends by two twists of thick metal wire). A 10.8cm/5.4cm double-sided black [print] on creme stock paper hangtag (which lists the artists featured, plus the contents of the “box”, and features the edition number stamped in red) is twist-tied to the bag by a thin metal wire. The top lid (imprinted/stamped with “Black box”) lifts off to reveal the following contents inside (from top to bottom, in order of how they are stacked upon one another): a 41.9cm/71.7cm full-color single sided poster, a 14.1cm/12.2cm 74 paged full-color illustrated booklet, Disc 1, a 8.8cm/8.8cm single-sided white [print] on black cardboard “Black box” coaster, Disc 2, an 8.8cm in diameter black [print] on white embroidered “Black Box” patch, Disc 3, an 18.3cm/12cm black [print] on white [folded over] postcard to be mailed in for a free WAX TRAX! RECORDS/TVT RECORDS catalogue, and then (lastly) providing a bedding at the very bottom of the box, is “69 feet of audio tape outtakes”. The booklet features a biographical history of WAX TRAX! RECORDS from 1973 through 1994, numerous photos of bands and individuals associated with WAX TRAX! RECORDS, reproductions of various picture sleeves, five pages of yearbook-like autographs and messages, acknowledgments, and the tracklisting and credits/production information for each of the discs. The three cds each come in their own individual solid black jewel case (instead of the standard transparent ones) with nothing printed on them at all. Each disc is given an individual call-number which corresponds to its particular disc number: Disc 1 = TVT 7212-2a, Disc 2 = TVT 7212-2b, and Disc 3 = TVT 7212-2c. And finally, each disc includes an insert which features the tracklisting for that corresponding disc.

“Total Devotion” [LP] (available on cd only?)

Album Cover

CD: Devotion Records (CDDVN 32M) 1994

  1. Schnitt Acht “Rage”
  2. Chemlab “Codeine, Glue and You”
  3. Pigface “Chickasaw”
  4. Revolting Cocks “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” (Stewart/Appice/Hitchings)
  5. Sugarsmack “Boomerang”
  6. Skrew “Picasso Trigger”
  7. Evil Mothers “Never Trust a John”
  8. Deep Throat “Cut and Divide”
  9. Pigface “Fuck it Up”
  10. Lab Report “Open Your Mind”

note- Connelly does vocals on track 4. Track 4 is the same as the album version.

“Funky Alternatives Eight” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Concrete Productions (CPROD CD026) 1995

  1. Ultraviolence “Bombs in My Head”
  2. Optimum Wound Profile “You: Coma”
  3. Pop Will Eat Itself “Menofearthereaper” (Birds, Liquor and Pot mix)
  4. Godflesh “Pure Spite” (Exclusive mix)
  5. Revolting Cocks “Crackin’ Up” (Amyl Nitrate mix) (Revolting Cocks)
  6. Pig “Momentous Lamentous”
  7. Judda “We Know Who You Are”
  8. Gunshot “Mind of a Razor” (Instrumental remix)
  9. Mussolini Headkick “Compassion”
  10. Surfers for Satan “Closeout”
  11. Shining “Obsession” (Exclusive mix)

note – Connelly does lead vocals on track 5.

“Random Acts 2” [LP] (available on cd only)

Album Cover

CD: Sell-Out Records, Inc. (sor101) 1995

  1. Liz Phair “Fuck and Run”
  2. Local H “Cynic”
  3. Triple Fast Action “Tag Along”
  4. Dyslexic Apaches “Yup”
  5. The Moon Seven Times “My Game”
  6. Supermodel “Highest Power”
  7. Busker Soundcheck “Gool”
  8. The Lupins “Zam”
  9. Flatbush Foot Brigade “Tough Bronco”
  10. Hush Drops “Lime Freeze”
  11. Rustbucket “Sex Life”
  12. Simple Simon “Juvenile”
  13. Chris Connelly “What’s Left But Solid Gold?” (Connelly/Tucker)
  14. Squash Blossom “Stones”
  15. Urge Overkill “Goodbye to Guyville”

note – track 13 is a live rendition by Connelly and William Tucker. Recorded live at the “Local Music Showcase” Q101 Chicago. All proceeds from this disc go to Clara’s house, a shelter for homeless and battered women and children in the west Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. “A song about your closest friends and their infidelity. Lead into gold, lead again, baby, you don’t have to tell me.” – Chris Connelly

“Various Artists Play WIRE – WHORE” [LP] (available on CD only?)

Album Cover

CD: WMO 2CD 1996

  1. 40 Versions
  2. Mannequin
  3. It’s a Boy
  4. A Serious of Snakes
  5. A Question of Degree
  6. Ahead
  7. Three Girls Rumba
  8. On Returning
  9. 12XU
  10. Lowdown
  11. German Shepherds
  12. A Mutual Friend (Lewis/Newman)
  13. Eastern Standard
  14. Our Swimmer
  15. Eardrum Buzz
  16. Being Sucked In Again
  17. Fragile
  18. Map Ref 41 N 93 W
  19. Outdoor Miner
  20. Used To
  21. The 15th

note – Connelly performs an accapella version of track 12. Track 12 mixed by Connelly/Parker/Impey.

“Drug Test Two” [double LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

2CD: Invisible Records (090CD) 1997

  1. Sheep on Drugs “X-Lover” (critter mix)
  2. Pigface “More”
  3. Ashtrayhead “Ashtrayhead”
  4. Evil Mothers “Spider Sex and Car Wrecks”
  5. Test Dept. “Chillo” (sunrise)
  6. Scorn “Not Answering”
  7. Transmisia
  8. Not Breathing “Monochrome” (edit)
  9. Phylr “Asphalt Eyes” (sun edit)
  10. Spasm “Michael Said to Me” (edit)
  11. Leech Woman “Spit”
  12. Lab Report
  13. Splinter Test “… Family L-OV-E” (edit)
  14. The Love Interest
  15. Pounder “Throughput”
  16. Dead Voices on Air “Ral Bag”
  17. Matera “Dark Side 11 am”
  18. FM Einheit “Theme From Death Row”
  1. Sheep on Drugs “Waiting for the Man”
  2. Pigface “Hagseed” (slagseed slagadelic mix)
  3. Ashtrayhead “Good Doggy” (extended mix)
  4. Evil Mothers “Loud and Clear” (apparition mix)
  5. Test Dept. “II Est Un Sac de Merde”
  6. Scorn
  7. Transmisia “Flame Job” (final meeting)
  8. Not Breathing “Electromagnetic Disemboweler”
  9. Phylr “Asphalt Eyes” (action mix)
  10. Spasm
  11. Leech Woman “TK421” (overloaded)
  12. Lab Report “Rock Tune 1”
  13. Splinter Test “Humanity is the Virus”
  14. The Love Interest “Bedazzled” (suspira mix) (Dudley Moore)
  15. Pounder
  16. Dead Voices on Air “Drumme + Basse III”
  17. Matera “Too Much”
  18. FM Einheit “Death Row” (reprise 1)

note – Connelly does vocals and keyboards on disc 2, track 14.

“Fresh Meat – 16 Mouth watering Cold Cuts” [LP] (available on CD)

CD: ?

  1. Underworld “Cowgirl”
  2. Catherine “Saint”
  3. Chris Connelly “Candyman Collapse”
  4. Juster “Boom boom boom”
  5. Cords “American Woman”
  6. The Connells “Living in the past”
  7. Spooky Ruben “These days are old”
  8. Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN) “378”
  9. Kenny Larkin “Wires”
  10. Sister Machine Gun “Nothing”
  11. Die Warzau “All Good Girls”
  12. D*Note “Now is the time”
  13. Gil Scott-Heron “Don’t Give Up”
  14. Nun Utha “Here we come”
  15. Mic Geronimo “Shit’s Real”
  16. Kinsui “Hubba Bubba Baby”

note – “Candyman Collapse” is the album version from “Shipwreck”.

“Cash From Chaos – a Tribute to the Legendary Man In Black, Johnny Cash” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Go Kustom Records / Invisible Records (INV 0208) 2001

  1. Julian Beeston “Orange Blossom Special”
  2. Crosseyed “Let The Train Blow The Whistle”
  3. Section One “Wanted Man”
  4. Bagman “Ring Of Fire”
  5. The Boxcar Tramps “Understand Your Man”
  6. Chris Connelly “Don’t Make Me Go” (John R. Cash)
  7. Not Breathing “Ghost Riders In The Sky”
  8. Jeffrey Venturo “I Walk The Line”
  9. Kill Switch Kick “Folsom Prison Blues”
  10. The Staggers “Cry Cry Cry”
  11. Tubring “One Piece At A Time”
  12. Chris Livesay “Jackson”
  13. The Western Trio “Thanks Alot”
  14. Hypnopaedia “Luther Played The Boogie”
  15. Weird Feeling #3 “Man In Black”
  16. Texylvania “Give My Love To Rose”
  17. Jared Louche “Delia’s Gone”
  18. Remora “Rock Island Line”

note – “Don’t Make Me Go” is exclusive to this compilation.

“Mutations – a Tribute to Alice Cooper, King of Shock Rock” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Ankhor Records / Underground, Inc. (Ui1019) 2002

  1. Bile “Clones (We’re All)”
  2. Hypoid “Billion Dollar Babies”
  3. Godhead “Hey Stoopid”
  4. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult “Hallowed Be My Name”
  5. Slick Idiot “Under My Wheels”
  6. More Machine Than Man “Pain”
  7. Tubring “Poison”
  8. Parallax 1 “Halo Of Flies”
  9. Lorin Richards “I’m Eighteen”
  10. Written In Ashes “Cold Ethyl”
  11. Chris Connelly “Hard Hearted Alice” (Cooper/Dunaway/Bruce/Smith/Buxton)
  12. Acclimate “Is It My Body”
  13. Lorretta’s Doll “Ballad Of Dwight Fry”
  14. Grim Faeries “Go To Hell”
  15. Noizfaction “I Love the Dead”
  16. Texylvania “Under My Wheels”
  17. Victims In Ecstacy “Welcome To My Nightmare”
  18. 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse “Dead Babies”

note – “Hard Hearted Alice” is exclusive to this compilation.

“United – the Sound of the Underground” [double LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Underground, Inc. (Ui1032) 2002

  1. The Unknown Ghosts “Master Of Ceremonies”
  2. Defragmentation “Crash and Burn”
  3. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult “Temptation Serenade (Smell The Heel Remix)”
  4. Colony 5 “Colony 5 (single-edit)”
  5. TRS-80 “Que Pasa USA”
  6. The Baldwin Brothers “Float”
  7. DJ? Acucrack “Renegade DJ”
  8. Bagman “Warp”
  9. Lance Grabmiller “Theme For”
  10. Chris Haskett “Consider 4 Things”
  11. Opium Jukebox “Iron Man”
  12. Cherrie Blue “Kultural Thermostat Theory”
  13. Karma Sutra “Bhagwan”
  14. Pigface w/Meg Lee Chin “Nutopia (the looptopia mix)”
  15. LoLo “Without Me”
  16. Autolump “O No Tek No”
  1. Ohgr “Pore”
  2. gODHEAD “Hey Stoopid”
  3. Imbue “Taste Of Heaven”
  4. Bile “Jerk (Martin Atkins remix)”
  5. VooDou “Trouble With The Fix”
  6. SMP “Militia Love”
  7. The Damage Manual “Sunset Gun (303 Edit)”
  8. Hate Dept. “Edge Of The World”
  9. Acumen Nation “Parasite Mine”
  10. Darling Kandie “Clearfire For The Fallen”
  11. Tub Ring “Faster”
  12. Bellyfeel “Transmission”
  13. Chris Connelly “Fortune Strikes Again”
  14. Monster Trux “Frankie Goes to Olliewood”
  15. Grim Faeries “Angry Chair”
  16. Dkay.com “Your Own Prison”
  17. Nocturne “Cocaine Sex”
  18. Bozo Porno Circus “Release The Kraken”

note – Disc 2 track 7 from The Damage Manual s/t, disc 2 track 13 from Chris Connelly “Private Education”.

“Tribute – a Tribute to Public Image Limited” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Underground, Inc. (UIN1112) 2005

  1. Hanin Elias “Public Image”
  2. The Winterbrief “Bad Baby”
  3. The Damage Manual “Memories”
  4. Jared Louche “Poptones”
  5. Omegaman vs. Pigface “Religion”
  6. October File “Under The House”
  7. Irmin Schmidt & Kumo (of CAN) “Banging the Door”
  8. Sheep On Drugs “Four Enclosed Walls”
  9. The Countdown “Annalisa”
  10. You Shriek “Ease”
  11. Scars (feat. Greta Brinkman) “Seattle”
  12. Pete Jones “Blue Water”
  13. Vanishing Kids “Death Disco”
  14. Twitch of the Death Nerve “Order of Death”
  15. Chris Haskett “Banging the Door”

note – The Damage Manual’s cover of “Memories” features Connelly, Martin Atkins and Steven Seibold.

“In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance … It Just Is” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

2CD: Nocharizma, Fulldozer Records (nhcd 02, FDCD 20) 2005

CD 1

  1. The Threshold Houseboy’s Choir – Mahil Athal Nadrach
  2. Thighpaulsandra feat. Jhonn Balance – Christ’s Teeth
  3. Theodor Bastard – Love’s Secret Domain
  4. Kotra – Volt Of A Worm
  5. Spies Boys – Nasa-Arab
  6. Alec Empire – Tribute To Coil (Short Version)
  7. 2 – I Am A Green Child
  8. Chris Connelly – Whats Lest But Solid Gold (Connelly/Tucker)
  9. Biblioteka Prospero – Heartworms
  10. Phillip Klinger aka PBK – It Just Is
  11. KK.Null – Scatovator
  12. EU – Absolute Elsewhere
  13. Darling Kandie – Paingame
  14. Pomassl – Oil Philmm
  15. Alexei Borisov feat. Ivan Sokolovsky & Dmitri Kutergin – Truth

CD 2

  1. CoH – No Balance
  2. Alva Noto – Odradek (Music To Play In The Dark)
  3. Schlammpeitziger – Konflikckfahig (live)
  4. Goodiny & PCP – Black Sunraiz
  5. Scanner – To Meet The Moon
  6. Brompton’s Cocktail – Soma Gestalt
  7. Mystified – Scratches & Dust (Night Echo Version)
  8. H.H.T.P. – Eclipse
  9. Noises Of Russia feat. Olga Nomok & Nikolay Rubanov – Remote Viewer
  10. Kryptogen Rundfunk – Throughout Time
  11. A.Vorodeyev – Slur (Acoustic Plumbum V.)
  12. Serge Tereshkine – Teenage Lighting
  13. Volga – Anal Staircase
  14. ILI – Green Water
  15. M.R.F / Elena Voynarovskaya – Immortality (live)
  16. Theodor Bastard – Love’s Secret Domain (Instrumental)

note – “What’s Left But Solid Gold” is different from the album version on “Shipwreck”. This version is more stripped down and lacks the electric guitar riffs.

“Whispers from the Offing – A Tribute to Kevin Coyne” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Life and Living Records (?) 2007

  1. Black Cloud – Nigel Burch
  2. Talking To No One – Big Mehr and friend
  3. Born Crazy – Razz
  4. Sand All Yellow – Goldfish
  5. Cycling – Dog Latin
  6. Marlene – Nikki Sudden
  7. Raindrops On The Window – Kevin Hewick
  8. Hello Judas – Alternative TV
  9. I Only Want To See You Smile – Veronique Acoustique
  10. Blame It On The Night – Grae J. Wall
  11. My Evil Island Home – Jowe Head
  12. Case History No 2 – Pascal Regis
  13. House On The Hill – Leo O’Kelly
  14. Mad Boy No 2 – Frank Bangay and almost real
  15. Looking For The River – Chris Connelly
  16. Victoria Smiles – Heinz Rudolf Kunze
  17. Are We Dreaming? – The Otters (ft. Mark Astronaut)
  18. Strange Pictures – Dave Russell
  19. Weirdo – Joey Stack
  20. A Loving Hand – Clive Product
  21. Lonesome Valley – Stumble On The Valves
  22. Here Come The Urban Ravens – Jackie Leven