Fini Tribe

“Curling and Stretching” [EP] (available on CS and 12″)

Album Cover
Album Cover

12″: Finiflex Records (ft 1001) Oct. 1984
CS: Finiflex Records (?) Oct. 1984

  1. Backwards and Forwards We Lean
  2. Curling Theme
  1. Cathedral

Notes: Connelly does vocals on all three tracks. Fini Tribe is Chris Connelly, David Miller, Philip Pinsky, Simon McGlynn, Thomas McGregor and John Vick.

“Peel Sessions” (available on CS only)

Album Cover

CS: Finiflex Records, Dec. 1985

  1. Goose Duplicates
  2. An Evening With Clavichords
  3. We’re Interested
  4. Splashcare

Notes: John Peel Session Recorded 12/5/85 at BBC Studio 5. “In Session Tonight” book by Ken Garner adds the following information: First broadcast 22/5/85 Simon McGlynn – drums, Philip Pinsky – bass, John Vick – keyboards, Andy McGregor – guitar, David Millar – guitar, vocals, Chris Connelly – vocals. Recorded at Maida Vale 5 Studio, produced by Dale Griffin, engineered by Mike Engles.

“Let the Tribe Grow” [EP] (available on 12″ only?)

Album Cover

12″: Cathexis Recordings (CRF 611) Oct. 1986

  1. Throttle Hearts
  2. Adults Absolved
  3. Monimail
  1. De Testimony (collapsing edit)

“I Want More” [single] (available on 12″)

Album Cover
Wax Trax flyer

12″: WaxTrax! Records (WAX 027) Oct. 1987

  1. I Want More (row, row, row the mix) (Can)
  1. I Want More (Can)
  2. Idiot Strength

“Make It Internal” [single] (available on 12″)

Album Cover

12″: WaxTrax! Records (WAX 028) Feb. 1988

  1. Make it Internal (here we go round the mulberry mix)
  1. Make It Internal (integrity mix)
  2. Little Visitors

Notes: Connelly does vocals on side 1, track 1 and side 2, track 2.

“Noise, Lust & Fun” [LP] (available on LP, CD only?)

Album Cover

CD: Finiflex Records (TPLP21CD) 1989

  1. Electrolux
  2. Disturb
  3. Swans
  4. Finis
  5. Throttle Hearts
  6. Zulus
  7. Fluke
  8. Electrolux
  9. Swans
  10. Disturb
  11. Ultra
  12. Detestimony

Notes: Track 12 is the original version from the “Let the Tribe Grow” 12″, recorded 7/6/86 with Connelly on vocals. It is an exclusive bonus track for the cd version of this album.