Paul Barker

“Fix This” [LP] (available as digital download)

Album Cover

Gigantic Pictures 2012

  1. Victory (featuring Taylor Momsen)
  2. reSpite (featuring Nivek Ogre)
  3. Heroine’s Habit
  4. Evangelical Sound Barrier (featuring Chris Connelly)
  5. I Stumble Through the Fever Dream (featuring Alexis S.F. Marshall)
  6. Heavy Water (featuring Chris Connelly)
  7. Rows Upon Rows by Ussa
  8. All the Pretty Swindles (Puscifer Mix)
  9. Self-Inflicted Blight (Paul Barker Remix) by Deadly Apples
  10. Psampled 69 Blight (Paul Barker Remix) by Voltergeist
  11. Brudlefly by Jeffrey Kinart

note – Connelly does vocals on tracks 5 and 7.