“Confessions” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: self-released 2001

  1. Spoken word recording

note – this “home-grown” effort was made in response to overwhelming requests for more spoken word recordings. Only 100 CDs were made, and were sold on the Bells’ 2001 tour. Remaining CDs were sold via this web site. Each CD includes a signed and numbered document (which features an image of Chris as a young boy), as well as a letter explaining the thoughts behind the CD.

Poems read are: Meridian Afterburn, The Opium Glove Puppet, I cover my face with my hands, Borstal, Millionaire, Minder, Untitled #1, The Call Girls, On passing amongst you, You would surge #1, Not through Glass, No Known Wingspan, Untitled #2, Y, The Giddy Horses, Doggy walk/mock, Butcher flowers’ woman, Confessions of the highest bidder, The song, Weightless, The night more I can see, The Butcher is in, Mocking bird/Dog Bird, Nape, Eyetooth.

“Unreleased Radio Session/Swingin’ Junkies Live” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: self-released 2002

  1. Pray’r
  2. Nobody’s Scared
  3. Model Murmur
  4. Ghost of a Saint
  5. The Early Nighters
  6. London Fields
  7. Intro
  8. Stowaway
  9. Ghost of a Saint
  10. Where Are They Now?
  11. Spoonfed Celeste
  12. The Early Nighters
  13. What’s Left But Solid Gold?
  14. Detestimony III

note – tracks 1-6 recorded at WZRD Chicago, May 2002. Chris does vocals and acoustic guitar. Tracks 7-14 recorded at Cabaret Metro, Chicago, April 1994 by some kind and anonymous soul, probably with a hand-held cassette recorder. Chris does vocals, William Tucker on guitar.

Another web site exclusive, this CD was made available in Summer 2002. It featured a hand-drawn piece of art by Chris (charcoal and pencil on heavy gauge paper), as well as a signed letter describing the release and talking about his experiences with William.

“Lounge Ax, Bottle, Elsewhere 94/01” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: self-released 2005

  1. Fire and Wine
  2. Jubbergait Nurse
  3. Harbour Days
  4. Island Head (w/The Bells)
  5. Saliva Beach
  6. Cartwheel Proposal
  7. Nobody’s Scared
  8. My East Is Your West
  9. The Early Nighters (w/Tucker)
  10. No More Changing of the Guard
  11. Model Murmur (w/Shipwreck band)
  12. Bordell Giest

note – a limited edition compilation of previously unreleased tracks (5 live) which was available directly from Connelly via Reckless Records. The disc is a “real” CD (not CD-R) and the cover art is an homage to the Zappa & The Mothers “Live, Fillmore East June 1st” album.

“Shipwreck” masters [LP] (available on MP3/FLAC)

self-released 2008

Disc 1

  1. test signal
  2. Drench
  3. Drench
  4. Drench (instrumental)
  5. Meridian Afterburn
  6. Meridian Afterburn
  7. Meridian Afterburn
  8. Meridian Afterburn (instrumental)

Disc 2

  1. Detestimony III
  2. Detestimony III
  3. Detestimony III (instrumental)
  4. Detestimony III
  5. Detestimony III
  6. test signal
  7. Spoonfed Celeste
  8. Spoonfed Celeste
  9. Spoonfed Celeste (instrumental)
  10. Spoonfed Celeste
  11. Spoonfed Celeste

Disc 3

  1. Shipwreck (with fadeout)
  2. Swimming

Disc 4

  1. test signal
  2. Swimming
  3. Swimming
  4. Swimming
  5. Swimming (instrumental)
  6. Swimming (acoustic)
  7. Close Watch (John Cale)

Disc 5

  1. Spoonfed Celeste
  2. Detestimony III
  3. What’s Left But Solid Gold?
  4. Model Murmur
  5. Model Murmur (drums/drum machine)
  6. The Early Nighters
  7. Anyones’ Mistake
  8. Drench
  9. Meridian Afterburn
  10. Meridian Afterburn
  11. Candyman Collapse

Disc 6

  1. test signal
  2. Meridian Afterburn (instrumental)
  3. Candyman Collapse
  4. Candyman Collapse
  5. Candyman Collapse
  6. Candyman Collapse
  7. Candyman Collapse (instrumental)
  8. Candyman Collapse (instrumental with backing vocals)
  9. Shipwreck
  10. Shipwreck
  11. Shipwreck
  12. Shipwreck (instrumental)

note – a 6 CD set comprising the complete DAT master tapes for 1994’s “Shipwrecked” album. Available as a free download from Chris Connelly.com in mp3 and/or FLAC formats. See here for more information.