“Twice is not Enough” (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Susan Lawly (SLCD004) 1992

  1. To Die
  2. Neronia
  3. Fanatics
  4. Heads You Lose
  5. The White Whip
  6. Masters of the Overviolence
  7. Revolution
  8. Twice is not Enough

Note: ‘Fanatics’ recorded at Albini’s in September 1990, “co-produced” by Scorpio (Chris Connelly).

“Still Going Strong / Ankles and Wrists” [single] (available on 7″)

Album Cover

7″: Susan Lawly (SLS002) 1991

  1. Still Going Strong
  2. Ankles and Wrists

Notes: ‘Ankles and Wrists’ “co-produced” by Scorpio (Chris Connelly).