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Chris’s 50th Year in Review

Yes, it’s true that I coincidentally turned 50 this year—considered by many to be power outage, so I COULD not notice it as it was DARK, enough senses working to reach out and pour from a bottle of single malt in a freezing dark room—so, in other words, little changed… ho hum…

What was remarkable this year was, how busy with music I was—busy to the point of confusion: The year started with an avalanche of light and sound when SONS OF THE SILENT AGE brought in 2014 with a New Year’s show, hotly followed two days later with a scaled down version of same at the club Berlin on Chicago’s north side…

A couple of days after THAT, I was in the studio recording the lead vocals and guitar for what will eventually become my 15th solo album… more on that later…

That month also saw the release of the first EP by the mighty COCKSURE as well as the 25th anniversary remix/reissue of the 1985 monster “DETESTIMONY” by FINI TRIBE (not technically a 25th anniversary, more like 28th). AND, at the end of that month the first ever gig by COCKSURE…

The middle of the year was a schizophrenic affair with me vacillating and oscillating between my own solo album and working hard on the debut album and another single by COCKSURE. Almost in the same breath we signed to the recently revived WAXTRAX! label for a one-off EP and we signed to METROPOLIS for the debut full length—girding my industrial rock loins whilst keeping it REAL and on the modern tip, whilst I salivated over TYLER THE CREATOR mixtapes, I managed to become the petty Scottish tyrant that I always knew I could.

The new COCKSURE EP, “TKO MINDFUCK”, came out in the summer and we played to celebrate it at some dark disco bar in the sweltering June heat… Then, all of a sudden, SONS OF THE SILENT AGE were back taking another lick of the BOWIE catalogue…

Summer stretched on, and the COCKSURE album, “TVMALSV”, was there, in your face, like Tarantino adrift in the highlands of Scotland with a bag of bath salts and the burning remains of a Porsche belching black smoke into the sky… and then, and then… before you have time to take this in, SONS hit again outdoors at DALEY PLAZA in Chicago for the opening of DAVID BOWIE IS… at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I ran offstage with full Bowie make up on to make my flight to NEW YORK to play with Cocksure, opening for the legendary FRONT 242. I was confused and tired, and I flew back to do THE SAME THING at Metro in Chicago…

RIGHT ON TIME for my 50th!!!! The “Book Club” (second, expanded) edition of “CONCRETE, BULLETPROOF, INVISIBLE & FRIED: MY LIFE AS A REVOLTING COCK” is AVAILABLE!!! In both fancy-pants-with-colour-pictures and extra naughty WORDS and as an audio book read by myself—a sort of public service, my parole officer offers…

It is time to regroup, or not: “World Fair” by the amazing HUMAN GREED comes out featuring my performance of “Black is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair”. An album of strange sonic experiments I must have made in the 80s comes out on the prestigious Vinyl On Demand label… and then COCKSURE fucks off to Antwerp to play the Belgian Independent Music festival. It is almost Christmas, and on the 24th, the new solo album is DONE, MASTERED, TITLED, COVER ART ASSEMBLED and there you have it…

There’s clearly much to look forward to in 2015—including this rebooted web site! Happy new year, everyone!

Sons of the Silent Age Perform at the Bowie Birthday Bash in Chicago

Friday, January 9, 2015 at Metro in Chicago, IL.
$18 in advance, $21 day-of
Doors: 8:00PM Show: 8:30PM
Ages 18+

93XRT Welcomes A Bowie Birthday Bash:
SONS OF THE SILENT AGE: playing the music of David Bowie featuring CHRIS CONNELLY (Ministry, Cocksure) & MATT WALKER (Smashing Pumpkins, Morrissey) + More
MICHAEL SHANNON with ROBBIE FULKS and JASON NARDUCY (Bob Mould Band, Split Single) playing the music of Lou Reed

Get Tickets

Sons of the Silent Age to perform at Pablove Benefit Concert 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015 at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI. Doors at 6 PM, show at 7 PM.

Playing the music of David Bowie: Sons of the Silent Age, starring Shirley Manson (of Garbage), Chris Connelly, and Matt Walker. Also performing: Pleased to Meet Me: Replacements Tribute, GGOOLLDD, The Salford Lads Club: Morrissey and The Smiths Tribute, and Rebecca Hron.

Tickets are $20 (or $50 for VIP) and benefit the Pablove Foundation, which fights childhood cancer with love.

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