Fundraisers for Ukraine support and to remember Bill Rieflin

Today, March 24th 2022, Chris announces two different releases for two very worthy causes.

First, today marks two years since Bill Rieflin’s death. Chris writes:

As you probably know, when Bill passed two years ago, we were in lockdown. We could not visit him, we could not mourn with each other, it was downright miserable for all involved. Since then, at any of Bill’s anniversaries, it has been a real pleasure for me and others to do something to honour him, and at the same time, raise money for the clinic that worked so hard to make his remaining time as comfortable as possible.

This year, I have recorded three songs from the album LARGO and I also wrote a new song for my beloved friend.

As in the past, all proceeds will be donated to the Floyd & Delores Jones Cancer Institute, which provided Bill’s care. CC fans have donated over $2,000 to this worthy cause.

Largo 22 on Bandcamp

Largo 22 cover Lifeline International Come Together cover

Next, Chris participated in a large-scale recording project to help the millions of people who are currently suffering in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 100% of the money raised will be donated to an organization that is currently on the ground and making a real difference in Eastern Europe… UNICEF.

Lifeline International has covered “Come Together” by The Beatles. The band features performances from current and former members of bands like Faith No More, Stabbing Westward, Rammstein, Filter, The Hardkiss (Ukraine), Revolting Cocks, Filter, Pigface, The Joy Thieves, Agnostic Front, Basement Jaxx, Gravity Kills, The Cassandra Complex, Mesh, blackcarburning, Deathline International, Vaselyne, and Black Needle Noise.

The song only costs $1, but we are actively encouraging everyone to donate up to their comfort level. Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Eastern Europe need us. RIGHT NOW. So, let’s all “Come Together” and show them that we hear them, and that we truly care.

Come Together on Bandcamp

There’s so much happening in the world in the world just now… pausing and listening to some music may seem like a luxury but we need it to revitalize our spirits and remind us why we endure. Thank you for your support of these worthy causes. — The Webmistress