Lots ‘o news!

Chris has decided (finally) to publish a book of his writings! The book will be made up of about 84 song lyrics and poems that he has written. The title: Confessions of the Highest Bidder: Poems and Songwords 1982-1996. Check back for more information!

Chris participated in an online chat Monday, April 22. He also answered some questions posed by list members. Check out the chat transcript here.

Andy McGregor has informed us that Chris will be travelling to Scotland in late May, and may possibly do some work with Fini Tribe… stay tuned for more!

Chris hasn’t joined KMFDM, but he does appear on their new album. Read this radio interview (4/6/96) with Chris to learn more about it!.

Chris recorded an acapella version of Wire’s “A Mutual Friend” which will be found on a compilation album, Various Artits Play Wire “Whore”, to be released March 5th. See the links page for more info.