Happy 1998

Happy New Year! Well, here’s some news to start us off…

Chris has very little of a voice left after last night’s party at WaxTrax! He joined Bill Rieflin, Paul Barker, and a few others in a covers band at the party.

Chris has already recorded 3 new songs for his next album, which he’d like to have finished by spring. Sales on the Bells’ album are supposedly very good, despite AP’s recent review.

Chris and his band have been playing shows in the Chicago area… there are dates upcoming (hopefully!) for Austin, TX (in March) and the east coast (in late February). The band also had some photos taken, which I’ll put on the web site as soon as I get them!

As for some of the questions we had, the Gary Numan band was a one-off thing at a charity show. Chris performed with the band the Cupcakes, which is Solomon’s band (Solomon was on the Shipwreck tour). I forgot to ask about Catherine, however, so I’ll get that next time!