From the Comeback Kid

Dear Everyone…

I will be doing a reading from “Confessions..” the evening of March 11th 1999 at Myopic Bookstore,1726 West Division (773 862 4882)… I will have more specifics soon.

Hope all is well, THE BELLS played a triumphant return show as a 3 piece last Thursday, 18th at the LOUNGE AX in Chicago.The short set featured all new titles

  1. Closing Titles
  2. London Fields
  3. Blue Hooray
  4. Diamonds eat Diamonds
  5. Blonde Exodus
  6. Julie Delpy
  7. Twilight Shiner

Mr.Connelly, Miss Ambriz & Mr.Polk all wore black and got sauced after the show, as is customary.

love and kisses
The Comeback Kid