New Bells album

I wanted to write a quick note to all,to let everyone know that… I FINALLY GOT BREAST IMPLANTS!! no, just kidding, ha ha! that’s not til Y2K.

The New Bells album is complete,it is called “BLONDE EXODUS”, and features the band along with a pianist,a string quartet, two girl backing singers, two girl “narraters”. I do the Usual, plus a fair bit of Synthesiser! as well as guitar, The whole thing is a little more like “SHIPWRECK”, but with a more Organic feel, I am working on a cover, part of which was Photographed by Philip Pinsky from my old band FINI TRIBE in Edinburgh, which by the way the latest Fini Tribe record is OUTSTANDING, the best yet, but let’s get back to talking ABOUT MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!! and MY record, and MY book, AND MY ACTING CAREER,AND MY PAINTING IN THE GUGGENHEIM AND MY CHAT SHOW INSTEAD OF CONANS!!!

Ahem! anyway,the record should be out in May, and if the plastic surgery scars heal by then, I should hit the road.

love you