“Artificial Madness” continues to impress reviewers and fans

Chris and his band put on a fabulous show at The Hideout last week. More footage will be coming, but check out this video of Classically Wounded or this photo gallery. If you have any footage of the show, post a link here or on Facebook!

In anticipation of the show, Time Out Chicago ran a concert preview and interview by Areif Sless-Kitain. The Chicago Tribune also ran a story, Chris Connelly keeps on searching for more blank canvases to explore.

Update: Time Out Chicago also named “Artificial Madness” as one of their top albums of 2011!

More blogs are reviewing “Artificial Madness” as well. Check out this review at Dawn of the Deaf and an interview at Chaos Control Digizine.

If you’re enjoying “Artificial Madness”, be sure to rate it on Amazon or iTunes!