Solo Work (2011 to Present)

“Artificial Madness” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Relapse Records (RR 7183) 2011

  1. Artificial Madness
  2. Wait for Amateur
  3. Classically Wounded
  4. Cold blood in Present Company
  5. Compatibility
  6. The Modern Swine
  7. Imperfect Star
  8. The Paraffin Hearts
  9. The Subjects
  10. The Goner
  11. A Career in Falsehood
  12. British Drug Lords
  13. Classically Wounded (Fade Kainer Remix)

Press Release and Sleeve Notes

note – “British Drug Lords” and “Classically Wounded (Fade Kainer Remix)” are bonus tracks exclusive to the iTunes “deluxe” edition (they are also available to purchase individually). A track by track breakdown of the album by Connelly is available at Alarm Press here.

“Day of Knowledge” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Klangalerie (GG171) 2012

  1. The Ossetian
  2. Hotel Grozny
  3. Silouhette Lodging
  4. Bones Interrupting Light
  5. I Breathe in the Caucasus
  6. Satsita One
  7. Satsita Two
  8. Beyond Science and Evil
  9. Shalamov
  10. Day of Knowledge
  11. Near Lethal Doses
  12. Duty of Oblivion
  13. Once in the Water
  14. Congregation of Cruelty
  15. Martyr No Martyr
  16. The Intent
  17. Martyr on Martyr
  18. The Kolokol Diaries

“The Collapse of Ether” [LP] (available on CS)

Album Cover

CS: The Tapeworm (TTW#46) 2012

  1. The Collapse of Ether
  1. Rehtefoespalloc

Notes: limited edition of 200 copies. More information

Limited edition cassette release from the forever enigmatic artist Chris Connelly. “Collapse of Ether” is a 30+ minute experimental piece that has taken almost 22 years to complete. The piano notes were recorded at a high tape speed in 1990 & in 2012, Connelly & engineer Sanford Parker added vocals over the backwards piano part then slowed everything down so that Connelly’s vocals sound like the devil chanting from deep below the Earth. Side two features the same music played backwards so the piano sounds correct (though still slowed down) & the vocals are backwards. A very cool, dark experimental work from this Chicago based legend. Reckless Records

“Recordings 83-88” [LP] (available on LP)

Album Cover

LP: Vinyl on Demand (VOD132.13) 2014

  1. The Craighouse Dogs
  2. Leave All Your Troubles Behind
  1. Image Of Red Cut In Half
  2. Ghosts Of An Unattended Public Hanging
  3. Disfigure The Giving

Notes: Limited to 500 pressings, hand-numbered. Blockader is Chris Connelly. Chris described this release as “an album of strange sonic experiments I must have made in the 80s”.

“Decibels From Heart” [LP] (available on CD)

CD: Cleopatra Records (CLP-2239-2) 2015

  1. Mistreated & Wild (featuring Claire Massey)
  2. At Least When I’m Gone (featuring Ruby)
  3. Be Mine When You’re Not Mine
  4. Cinema Thing
  5. Decibels From Heart
  6. Lavender City
  7. Let’s Be Actors (featuring Rebecca Pidgeon)
  8. Gravity
  9. Workin’ Time (featuring Meshell Ndegeocello)
  10. To Swing From The Air (featuring Roxy Swain)
  11. 2GloryB (featuring My Brightest Diamond)

“Jackietown demos” [EP] (available on MP3/FLAC)

Self released via Bandcamp, February 13, 2017

  1. Jackietown
  2. The Last Renoir (A Fiction)

Tracks released to support the creation of what went on to become “Art & Gender”.

“Art & Gender” [LP] (available on CD/digital)

CD: Shipwrecked Industries (SHIP001) October 6, 2017

  1. A Distant Black Spring
  2. People Become Estranged
  3. Union Canal Blues
  4. Slim Volume
  5. Seven Days, Seven Lies, Seven Lovers
  6. Art & Gender
  7. Mama Bluebell
  8. Stampede Weather
  9. Saint Symptom’s Day
  10. Old Hymn of New Intent

“Further Days” [LP] (available on CD)

Album Cover

CD: Jnana Records (JNANA004) November 11, 2017

  1. Harbour Days
  2. Samaratin
  3. You Vs Miracle
  4. About The Beauty Of Laura
  5. Fortune Strikes Again
  6. Lipstick In Labyrinth Park
  7. No One Is Scared
  8. That Angel Skill (The Last Hit Man)

“Further Days” is a total rerecording and reimagining of the 2002 album “Private Education”.

“The Tide Stripped Bare” [LP] (available on CD/digital)

CD: Armalyte Industries (ARMCD047) February 26, 2018

  1. Another Song About A Painting
  2. Jackietown
  3. Heart Full Of Clouds / Cloud Full Of Hearts
  4. Fickle Will
  5. New Omen
  6. Someone Else’s Rope
  7. The Blue Fraud
  8. The Tide Stripped Bare
  9. Ophelia Moment
  10. Third Bass

CD release limited to 150 copies, with autographed Polaroid image.

“Bloodhounds” [LP] (available on CD/digital)

CD: Armalyte Industries (ARMCD055) November 11, 2018

  1. Bloodhounds
  2. Jump, Goddess, Jump
  3. Ascension
  4. A Farewell To Athens
  5. Desolation Blues (Jackie Leven)
  6. AAISW
  7. F-Birds
  8. Anna Karina’s Guide To Being Mesmerized
  9. Encyclopedia Of Haunted Lovers
  10. Our Last Conversation
  11. I Figured It Would Be My Undoing
  12. I Dream In Argentina
  13. Richter Grey Stairs
  14. Mirador, Matador, Minataur
  15. Another Song About A Sculpture
  16. Brush Stroke Blues

CD release limited to 200 copies, with fold out poster.