New album recorded!

Chris has just finished recording his next album, provisionally titled Artificial Madness. Here’s what Chris had to say about the mood of this upcoming release:

[This] record is the best since “Shipwreck”–a LOT harder, even acknowledging Ministry in certain ways, many tracks very fast & very loud, a few slow, darker moments… the band is a four-piece, traditional guitar-bass-drums lineup of some of the best musicians I have ever worked with:

Noah Leger on drums (from Tight Phantomz, Head of Skulls)
Dallas Thomas on guitar (Swan King, High Confessions)
Will Lindsay on bass (Nachmystium)

It’s produced by Sanford Parker (High Confessions, Minsk, Nachmystium).

While you’re waiting to hear what this endeavor sounds like, here are the song titles:

  • Artificial madness
  • A career in falsehood
  • Classically wounded
  • Cold blood in present company
  • Compatibility
  • British drug lords
  • Imperfect star
  • Modern swine
  • The paraffin hearts
  • The subjects
  • The goner
  • Wait for amateur