Announcing “Art & Gender” — Chris’s 16th Solo Album

“I never was a painter, but I could always draw my blood” -Chris Connelly, 2017

Chris’s sixteenth solo album, Art & Gender, will be released on Friday, October 6, 2017. The album was written, performed, and produced by Chris himself.

Art & Gender album cover

Track listing:

  1. A Distant Black Spring
  2. People Become Estranged
  3. Union Canal Blues
  4. Slim Volume
  5. Seven Days, Seven Lies, Seven Lovers
  6. Art & Gender
  7. Mama Bluebell
  8. Stampede Weather
  9. Saint Symptom’s Day
  10. Old Hymn of New Intent

The album, released by Shipwrecked Industries, will be available on CD and in digital formats from your favorite music outlets.

Thanks goes out to all those who supported the making of this album through the purchase of the JACKIETOWN demos on Bandcamp.

Cover illustration by Nicole Caggiano, marker on paper.