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Jan. 25, 2003 show online

Tour goodies are rolling in… send yours if you have any! First up, from Nick Wilhelmy, a recording of Chris’s January 25th show at the Warehouse in LaCrosse. There’s at least one more show and some photos to come… stay tuned!

Chris’s music on TV

Did you watch NBC’s Kingpin on Sunday, February 9? If not, you missed Chris’s tune, “No One is Scared” (found on Private Education). Catch a rerun on Valentine’s Day on the Bravo channel!

Whether or not you’ve purchased INITIALS C.C., Chris’s first double-CD retrospective, you’re sure to enjoy reading the director’s comments which are now available. (But seriously, if you haven’t purchased INITIALS C.C. yet, go do it now!)

Finally, Pigface goes on tour in March and Chris will be with them! Check out the tour dates page for information and updates.

Happy 2003 from Chris

A message to say Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you have a great time, and that the year to follow will be disco-pool party after another. A quick mention on the passing of JOE STRUMMER, someone who meant so much to me when I was young, I still listen to the 1st 4 clash albums regularly. The clash, to me had all the integrity that the pistols did not, although I adore the pistols, too quickly they became a cartoon, the clash never did, they changed and burst from any pigeonhole they may have been placed in, often challenging their audience, always bewildering critics, listening to “London Calling” from 1979, it is a remarkable travelogue of music, at once so current to that time, both musically and politically, but at the same time, one of those rare records that transcends, and honestly sounds so fresh today. I was really sad and shocked by Joe’s death, the man had so much conviction and passion that it is hard to believe it has gone now, he will be missed.

News from Chris

Hi folks – It looks like a really busy year coming up for me-in theory- if all goes to plan, I will be going on tour to support “Initials CC” opening for Voodou (another band on Invisible) this tour will be happening at the end of January, to be followed immediately by a full scale Pigface tour in March/April..There’s other stuff too, like we have begun working on a new Damage Manual record, hopefully we’ll get it done without any ambulances being called.. That’s it for now…I’ll have more updates soon..much love, chris xx

John Martyn

Mr.Connelly has discovered the music of JOHN MARTYN..check out “Solid Air””inside out””stormbringer” or the retrospective “sweet little mysteries”…that’s all.

Limited Edition CD

LIMITED EDITION CD NOW AVAILABLE! The CD has six brand new, excellent studio recordings of songs from WZRD Chicago and seven live, gorgeously lo-fi tracks from Chris & William in 1994. Packaged with hand drawn covers, all signed by Chris, 55 minutes long. Send check or money order for $12.00 (includes postage, etc. no matter your location), made payable to Chris Connelly, P.O. Box 364, 1658 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60647.

Quick update

Catch Chris live on tour in September with Meg Lee Chin. Complete details coming soon!

Limited edition CD, featuring a recent six song studio recording for WZRD college radio and six songs from the first night of the 1994 Swinging Junkies tour, also coming soon!

Chris Connelly & The Bells – Summer Tour!

Yes, folks, it’s official! Chris and Co. will be in the following cities… hopefully near you!

* Wednesday June 13th – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
* Thursday June 14th – Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar
* Friday June 15th – Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s
* Saturday June 16th – Providence, RI – White Electric
* Sunday June 17th – New York, NY – The Knitting Factory
* Tuesday June 19th – Pittsburgh, PA – Millvale Industrial Theatre
* Wednesday June 20th – Columbus, OH – Bernie’s
* Thursday June 21st – Newport, KY – Southgate House
* Friday June 22nd – Nashville, TN – The End
* Saturday June 23rd – St. Charles, MO – Sally T’s

And, on June 4 at the Hideout in Chicago, Reckless Records is hosting a Radiohead cover show… you never know, Chris might just get up and do a tune!

Happy 2001

Happy New Year! Here’s some great news to start it off…

Upcoming Live Shows!

Tuesday, Jan. 16
Schubas (Belmont and Southport), Chicago

Static Multimedia presents…
Today’s My Super Spaceout Day
Chris Connelly
The Pillowmints
Monday, Jan. 22 at The Empty Bottle, Chicago

Thursday, Feb. 8 with Central Falls
The Hideout, Chicago

Be at your local record shops on the following dates for these goodies too!
· Feb. 6 – Chris Connelly & the Bells – “Blonde Exodus” on Invisible
· Feb. 13 – Rieflin/Connelly – “Largo” on First World

Stay tuned for details on a Rieflin/Connelly tour!

Just a few things…

Greetings all… just a few things to mention…

The Damage Manual album and a new “Seaside Companion” are due out on September 5.

Also up is a great radio interview transcript from March 25 at GWU Radio in DC.

Finally, this from Chris:

Good Afternoon everyone,thought I would drop a line and let you know what has been going on since I got back from the UK.

We are trying to put together a tour to promote the Damage Manual album (which is simply called “Damage Manual” and NOT “Music to be murdered by” which I did not like) well-it is out September 5th,and I am pretty happy with it,it was a hard record to make,and many compromises had to be made,however-6 tracks were mixed by BILL LASWELL,who if you are not familiar with his work,you should really listen to him (check out “Panthalassa” Miles Davis Remixed)-apart from all that,I recorded the spoken word companion to “Confessions of the Highest Bidder” which I am hoping to release with 3 or 4 new songs that I recently wrote,just me and a guitar,I want to put it out for the price of an E.P.-a sort of stopgap until we resolve the “Blonde Exodus” problems.”Seaside Companion” is out on September 5th ,under the name Chris Connelly and the Bells,complete with two studio outtakes,and two live tracks,I would have put more live cuts on,but as it stands,the CD clocks in at about 70 minutes,I didn’t want to bore the pants off everyone.It also has a new cover,another photo of my dear friend Stephanie,from the same sessions,different pose-all the lyrics are included too!

For the past week I have been in Seattle with Bill Rieflin recording an album that has almost been 10 years in the writing! some of the songs we wrote together have manifested themselves elsewhere-but we have been saving the best until last,or at least-the wierdest til last! I am actually just taking a break having recorded guitars all morning, much of the music is Piano and guitar based,a few instrumentals,some just vocal and piano-plus a brand new re-written and rearranged version of “The last of joy” (from “Whiplash”) the album should be out in November,if not,early next year on Bills’ Firstworld label.Expect the spoken word out on Invisible at some point.

You are all patient and I loooove you…….(baby)