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News from Chris

Dear Everyone,

I am going to try and keep you updated on my goings on on a weekly basis.

First of all the “Confessions” reading is going to be APRIL 11TH 1999! not march as advertised, I sincerely apologise. It will still be at the MYOPIC BOOKSTORE, 1726 west Division that evening.

Other News, The bells will be playing at the EMPTY BOTTLE in Chicago on FRIDAY APRIL 23rd.

I have also been playing guitar for a performance artist friend of mine KATHERINE KRONOS, a sort of ambient soundtrack composed spontaneouly to her actions and words, along with sculptor ALLAN BOLLA.

CHRIS BRUCE (my long time collaborator) will be on the season Finale of MELROSE PLACE, YEAH, YOU HEARD!!

Does anyone out there have a lead on any European Labels that might want to put out the new album??

love, Chris

“Confessions” order form available

Order forms for “Confessions of the Highest Bidder” have gone out in the mail. Anyone who joined the mailing list should receive an order form. If you didn’t sign up or haven’t received yours, visit the book page and download an Adobe PDF order form. Pre-order a copy by March 20th and be entered in a drawing for a Bells t-shirt!

From the Comeback Kid

Dear Everyone…

I will be doing a reading from “Confessions..” the evening of March 11th 1999 at Myopic Bookstore,1726 West Division (773 862 4882)… I will have more specifics soon.

Hope all is well, THE BELLS played a triumphant return show as a 3 piece last Thursday, 18th at the LOUNGE AX in Chicago.The short set featured all new titles

  1. Closing Titles
  2. London Fields
  3. Blue Hooray
  4. Diamonds eat Diamonds
  5. Blonde Exodus
  6. Julie Delpy
  7. Twilight Shiner

Mr.Connelly, Miss Ambriz & Mr.Polk all wore black and got sauced after the show, as is customary.

love and kisses
The Comeback Kid

New Bells album

I wanted to write a quick note to all,to let everyone know that… I FINALLY GOT BREAST IMPLANTS!! no, just kidding, ha ha! that’s not til Y2K.

The New Bells album is complete,it is called “BLONDE EXODUS”, and features the band along with a pianist,a string quartet, two girl backing singers, two girl “narraters”. I do the Usual, plus a fair bit of Synthesiser! as well as guitar, The whole thing is a little more like “SHIPWRECK”, but with a more Organic feel, I am working on a cover, part of which was Photographed by Philip Pinsky from my old band FINI TRIBE in Edinburgh, which by the way the latest Fini Tribe record is OUTSTANDING, the best yet, but let’s get back to talking ABOUT MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!! and MY record, and MY book, AND MY ACTING CAREER,AND MY PAINTING IN THE GUGGENHEIM AND MY CHAT SHOW INSTEAD OF CONANS!!!

Ahem! anyway,the record should be out in May, and if the plastic surgery scars heal by then, I should hit the road.

love you

Bells update

A new Bells album is in the works… Chris and the band (those who toured earlier this year) will begin recording in September. Also of note, Chris will play an acoustic show on August 12 in the Chicago area (see tour dates for more information).

Happy 1998

Happy New Year! Well, here’s some news to start us off…

Chris has very little of a voice left after last night’s party at WaxTrax! He joined Bill Rieflin, Paul Barker, and a few others in a covers band at the party.

Chris has already recorded 3 new songs for his next album, which he’d like to have finished by spring. Sales on the Bells’ album are supposedly very good, despite AP’s recent review.

Chris and his band have been playing shows in the Chicago area… there are dates upcoming (hopefully!) for Austin, TX (in March) and the east coast (in late February). The band also had some photos taken, which I’ll put on the web site as soon as I get them!

As for some of the questions we had, the Gary Numan band was a one-off thing at a charity show. Chris performed with the band the Cupcakes, which is Solomon’s band (Solomon was on the Shipwreck tour). I forgot to ask about Catherine, however, so I’ll get that next time!

The Ultimate Seaside Companion

More information on The Bells’ new album, The Ultimate Seaside Companion is available in the discography.

The album was recorded in Seattle and Chicago, from 1995 to 1997, with Bill Rieflin, Jim O’Rourke, and Chris Bruce. Touring will take place in the fall!

The Bells

Chris has a new band called The Bells. Their first album will be available September 19, 1997 on the HitIt! label. Stay tuned for more info.

New album in the works

Recording of the new album will commence next month! In the meanwhile, Chris is playing a few shows in the Chicago area (see dates below). A tour of college campuses and bookshops is in the works, to commence at the start of the new year. Stay tuned for details, or write to Kimberly to suggest locations for Chris to play!

October 7 – Double Door in Chicago – with John Cale
November 1 – Normal, IL – with Sister Soleil
November 2 – Champaign, IL – with Sister Soleil
November 8 – Der Rathskeller, Memorial Union, University of Wisconsin-Madison
November 9 – Hyde Park, Chicago – CANCELLED!
November 14 – Milwaukee, WI – Marquette University
November 23 – Chicago, IL – benefit for Filmmakers Co-op

RIP Jonathan Melvoin

On Friday, July 12, Jonathan Melvoin (keyboardist on the Shipwreck tour) was found dead of a heroin overdose. Jon and Chris were great friends and Chris asked me to post the following for him:

“Jonathan was a great friend and I will really miss him. I was so looking forward to his performing on my new album… I was really relying on him to help with the arrangments and whatnot. Just let everyone know that I loved him dearly and that I will miss him very much.”

Brad submitted a JPEG of the article run by Rolling Stone, which speaks about Jon’s death and Jimmy Chamberlin’s arrest and dismissal from the Smashing Pumpkins.